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The Story of Atelier

Beyond creative sparks, an atelier is a place of countless hours of hard work.  As the name tells it, Atelier furniture series, designed by Dragoș Motica, is strongly connected to the ingenious vibrations and hard work defining any creative workshop. Inspired by the structure of a painting easel, Atelier collection includes an armchair, two bar stools, a desk and a table. These objects have such a constant presence in our

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Ubikubi – The Story

If every home tells the story of its owners and the things they love, becoming part of someone’s most treasured place is highly fulfilling. Designing objects comes along with designing emotions and relationships with objects. It feels almost like a privileged position in which contentment always blends in with an acute sense of responsibility. In 2014, Robert Savu and Dragoș Motica teamed up with a commitment to bring a fresh

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Building a creative industry – Interview with Andrei Bortun

We are surrounded by creative people from vast areas of activity. Design, architecture, visual and performing arts, advertising, IT, publishing, film, and video – the list is long and we can tick them all. We can talk about captivating projects on a regular basis. We see more and more inspiring events taking place in Romania. But are we there yet as a creative industry? We talked with Andrei Borțun, CEO

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