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Weekend Sales | 10% off for Cereall Hook

Aside from being a very playful coatrack, Cereall Hook, designed by MBSP Studio, is our reminder to forget all worries as soon as we take our jackets off and hang our bags. Cereall Hook is comprised of three pieces that are very easy to assemble: a wooden part, made from wood leftovers in our workshops, a terrazzo part, and a brass screw. With three terrazzo colors available as well as

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10% off for summer mornings with Penguin carafe

We like to enjoy our summer days with the most simple gestures. Drinking lots of water, catching up on a morning read and leisurely tasting the fresh treats of the season. With its simple shape and pleasant texture, Penguin Carafe, designed by Dragoș Motica, is a comfort to the eyes and just belongs to the scene, whether at home or in the quietness of an office. Penguin Carafe is made

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Romanian Design Yard Sale

Ubikubi and Dizainăr celebrate the 6th year of Romanian Design Week with a Romanian Design Yard Sale. See you in Dizainăr’s garden, where we will spend our Sunday with creative people, surrounded by your favorite objects at special prices – surprises included! When: May 20, from 12 pm to 8 pm Where: Dizainăr concept-store & garden (Puțul cu Plopi nr. 17, sector 1, Bucharest) Organized by Dizainăr concept store and

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